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Quail Creek Contemporary

This project was driven by a homeowner that wanted to pack a list of high end features into a small backyard that was handicapped by a 10' easement.  The solution was to build a pool that was close to 60' long so that the visual aspect of the water would continue throughout the whole house even though the swimmable portion is really only on one end.  Between the perimeter overflow spa, the step pads across the water to the golf course fire pit, and the privacy walls that double as a beautiful backdrop for the water, this backyard has it all and was a pleasure to be a part of.
Designer : Reid Schindler 
Construction : SchindlerDesignCo.
Equipment Manufacturer : Pentair
Interior Finish : Pebblesheen Blue Surf
Deck Material : Charcoal Lueders
Coping : Charcoal Lueders
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