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Modern Reflections

This straight line pool was part of a massive home remodel for the customer.  Before we began construction, a very small vinyl liner pool sat in the place of the new garage.  The home itself was going to transition from a rustic style home to a contemporary painted white home so the pool needed to reflect the change to the home.  The site line out of the house focuses on a beautiful oversized infinity spa which hides the view of the sunken kitchen area.  The raised back wall with LED sheer descents brings the whole courtyard pool together between the new garage and new wing of the house.
Designer : Reid Schindler 
Construction : Schindler Design Co.
Equipment Manufacturer : Pentair
Interior Finish : Pebblesheen Ocean Blue
Deck Material : Salt Rock Concrete
Coping Material : Charcoal Lueders

Tile Veneer : Crossville Tile
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