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Located in the Historical Mesta Park neighborhood near downtown Oklahoma City, this project design intent was to update the backyard space to be more effective and modern all while keeping the roots of the architectural home it is located at.  This rectilinear shape runs vertically away from the home and features water features in multiple layers to draw the eye back to the pool area.  With a mix of artificial turf, top cast concrete and a heavy dose of the house brick, we can't help but to love the results!  

Mesta Park Modern

Initial Rendering

Designer : Reid Schindler 
Construction : SchindlerDesignCo.
Equipment Manufacturer : Pentair
Interior Finish : Wet Edge Black Magic Signature Matrix
Deck Material : Top Cast Concrete
Brick Veneer : Acme Brick
Tile Veneer : Mosaicist
Tile Grout : Litokol Crystal Series
Water Features : Scottsdale Fire & Water
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