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This unique property is nestled into a hillside lot with a good amount of native vegetation.  The home was very unique in that the materials chosen contrasted with the natural setting using a black painted brick with hard cedar stained accents.  After our first meeting, I knew the pool must take the best qualities of the home and bring them outdoors.  The pool, while symmetrical and traditional, bucks the normal trends with hash contrasts everywhere.  A few examples are the feature walls being on the corners vs. the middle.  The natural wood timber veneer butting up against painted brick.  The beautiful blue water contrasting against the natural green landscape.  The home and pool space easily coexist now and the homeowners get plenty of use of the upgraded architectural space.

Contrast & Columns

Initial Rendering

Designer : Reid Schindler 
Construction : SchindlerDesignCo.
Equipment Manufacturer : Pentair
Interior Finish : Wet Edge Signature Matrix Tropical
Deck Material : Belgard Pavers
Coping : Lueders Limestone
Veneer : Painted House Brick & Island Stone Island Timber
Tile : Fujiwa
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